Quality management

High-quality data collection is essential if market research is to provide high-quality, meaningful results.
Outstanding interviewers, systematic training and IT-based project monitoring are our formula for successful quality management. 


A permanent team

Unlike most other CATI centres, MARKET phone uses only salaried staff. This is a major advantage in terms of data protection because all our employees are contractually required to observe data protection regulations and are subject to management control. Compared to subcontracted freelancers, a considerable element of risk is eliminated from the outset.
Other benefits:


We select only the best applicants for our interviewer team, each of whom benefits from thorough training as part of a multilevel development and assessment programme.
  • Selection procedure incorporating practical test
  • Three-month training period with personal coaching
      • Qualitative assessment/documentation of interviewer performance 
      • Quantitative assessment/documentation of interviewer performance 
      • Regular feedback discussions 
      • Custom development modules to improve interview and conversational skills


Target setting, feedback and remuneration all ensure highly motivated staff.
  • Regular performance appraisals and goal-setting sessions
  • Analysis of interview protocols and quantitative performance data
  • Performance-related remuneration system
  • Quality circles

Project management

Project training

The teams receive training before beginning project work, with the focus on questionnaire training, project-specific background knowledge and information about the target groups.
Only highly trained interviewers are capable of guiding interviewees through the entire interview in a pleasant, confident manner.


Project managers and supervisors can access all relevant project data at any time. This ensures:
  • Interview quality assurance
  • Maximum response rates/interview completion rates
  • Adherence to scheduled field times
  • Strict compliance with methodology


CATI software

  • We use GESS cati – proven survey software with all the features necessary to implement even the most ambitious projects.
  • As GESS cati is fully compatible with GESS online and tabulation software GESS tabs, it is possible to efficiently process CATI studies as well as combine CATI with online studies.

Capacity planning

  • Using MROS, we document and analyse performance data delivered by GESS cati for each interviewer (e.g. interviews conducted, response rates/interview completion rates, appointments agreed, etc.) and the silent monitoring results. 
  • Based on this data MROS supports team and skill oriented manpower planning.

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